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80w down to 40w chach bobcho'

80w down to 40w chach bobcho'

Qapchu' Details Daq mung: guangdong jungwoq (Mainland) brand pong,: df ghantoH mI': df168-30r Phase: Protection Phase Vas: Overvoltage ngI': 1.2 KG Output Voltage: 20-80v Segh: Standby Application: led chach Lighting led Lighting chach bobcho': 2 DIS warranty led Lighting.

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Qapchu' Details
Daq mung: guangdong, jungwoq (Mainland)
brand pong: df
mI' ghantoH: df168-30r
phase: Vas Phase
protection: Overvoltage
ngI': 1.2 KG
output Voltage: 20-80v
Segh: Standby
application: chach Lighting Dev
led Lighting chach bobcho': 2 DIS warranty
led chach bobcho' Size: 330 wov * 75 * 75 mm

packaging Delivery je

packaging Details:led Lighting chach bobcho' Carton Size: 47 * 33 * 18 cm
Lighting chach bobcho' Dev 10 'ay' Per Carton
Hoch chach bobcho' Carton wov led < 10 kg
delivery Detail:1-3days yo'a'neS Hajmo' led Lighting chach bobcho'

product Description

led chach bobcho' wov ghap chach HoS chep kit Dev Certified tuv ce rohs fcc
1) rate HoS chach: 8-20w
2) conversion Efficiency: ≥90 vatlhvI'
3) lifetime(hour) vum: 30000
4) 2 DIS warranty
5) jen laHlIj Manufacturer 'ay' je

led Lighting chach bobcho': 80w 10-25 vatlhvI' chach HoS
'ay' Qo'DF-168-30R
product pongDev chach bobcho' wov
'ul 'aplo'mey capacity12v Lithium 'ul 'aplo'mey
chach HoS8-20W
input voltageac 90 ~ 280v, 50 ghap 60 hz
Qu'mey potlh Huj170-300ma
working waH buttonHIja'
automatic waH MonthlyQo'
automatic waH yearlyQo'
duration0.5-3 rep, pagh custom-made
'ul 'aplo'mey protectionHIja'
yo'SeH Hat-20-50℃, 65 + 20 VATLHVI' RH
Hat ghor nIv60 ° [TAH
'ul 'aplo'mey12v 'ul 'aplo'mey Rechargeable pack
Huj poH> 24 h Hutlh ghor
qaStaHvIS chach Voltage12-80V DC
yuQmeyDaq Hal chepled beq wov, led rav'eq wov, led downlight etc.
note'ul 'aplo'mey size custom-made

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